Electronic Project Starter Kit

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Designed for the complete Novice, this kit represents fantastic value for money.

We include all the photographed parts and more!
The kit comes complete with a book, that describes all the components, and gives details on how to use the prototyping board.
Over 10,000 kits already sold, Buy Yours Now!
A great kit for educational use,
we don't compromise on quality-
All the components are professional quality, and fully re-useable.
At the request of our customers, we are working to publish online,projects you can build, here is the link
we also have a link to a youtube video, which shows how to use the breadboard
Your book will show you how to use the components and gives example circuits to show you how to build LED flashing circuits
In the kit you will receive;
Our New Prototyping Breadboard - 400 contact Points
Resistors - 16 popular Values, 5 of each - 80 in total
LED's - 3 Red 3 Green and 3 Yellow
Transistors - 2 of the BC547 and 2 of the BC548 - 4 in total
555 Timer - Integrated Circuit, very popular and highly adaptable
Capacitors - Electrolytic       values(quantity)    1uF(2), 2.2uF(1), 4.7uF(1), 10uF(2), 22uF(1), 47uF(2), 100uF(1) - 10 in total
Capacitors - Ceramic Disc  values(quantity)   10pF(5), 22pF(5), 47pF(5), 100pF(5), 220pF(5), 470pF(5), 2.2nF(5), 4.7nF(5), 22nF(5), 47nF(5)- 50 in total
Diodes - 4 x 1N4007
9volt Battery Clip
Variable Resistors - 470R, 4K7, 47K, 100K - 4 in total
Solid Core Hook up Wire - 11 different colours -
- 5 metres in total -
All This is carefully packed right here in Huddersfield in the heart of the UK, then we add the Book, and seal in a clear bag.
Postage is always in a padded sealed envelope, and just gets under the limit for "Large Letter" size
The Kit is held in stock, ready for immediate dispatch, Buy Yours Now-
Posted the Same day you order. Usually delivered the following morning if you choose 1st Class post!

I originally designed this kit to support my 13 year old daughter who was studying technology at school.
Like all children, she really wanted to see results quicker than school lessons let her. And making a mistake when soldering got expensive.
With this kit, she was able to swap components and change the circuit as often as she wanted, and being solderless, the project became much quicker to make.
When she took it in to school both teacher and students were impressed, so we made more, and then some more. It is proving to be really popular.
We are so confident you will like this, we are giving a full 28 day no quibble guarantee


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